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Getting the right clients in today’s competitive legal environment is tough. According to the State Bar of California, there are over 6000 new attorneys entering the legal arena in California each year.



Where word of mouth and advertising in the yellow pages or other publications used to be a guaranteed steady stream of clients for your law firm, the internet has changed the game. People do not find legal services like they used to. Companies and services are now at our fingertips via internet search engines on computers, cell phones and tablets. Potential clients are no longer finding your law firm unless your firm has an established internet presence, a positive online reputation and your website ranks highly in relevant search queries.

Web Reputation Builders is not just about building your law firm’s positive online reputation. It is also a way to ensure you are doing everything you can to market your firm online and get found by the clients you want.

No longer do potential clients or existing clients judge you by how your firm offices look, they judge you first by how your online “appearance” is:

How professional is your website design?

What kind of “personality” does your online presence expose about your law firm and the attorneys?

What type of social marketing are you and your staff involved in?

What other presence does your firm have on the internet?

All of this goes into whether or not clients or potential clients pick you to represent them.

If you need to establish an online presence, Web Reputation Builders can help your firm build a professional, custom website that presents the look and feel your firm wants to represent. If your firm’s website needs a full makeover or just an update – our law firm website design firm can help with that too. We can assist you in refreshing your content, updating your website appearance, and adding new and unique information to blogs and other media links.

If your law firm is looking to obtain more clients, Web Reputation Builders can create an online strategy for you to obtain more traffic to your website as well as procure more client leads by performing Search Engine Optimization.

Do not let the term “social media” fool you. Your law firm needs all of the tools we provide to compete in the ever changing internet marketing landscape. Web Reputation Builders has been successful in obtaining exceptional results for its attorney and law firm clients in many locations including San Diego and Los Angeles.


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